Towards children's harmonious and integrated developpment

Do you have concerns regarding your child’s development, or does your child have a diagnosis related to developmental delay or a complex condition? Do you have special needs?

A psychomotor therapist, a health-care professional, can assist you by working through the body and emotions. My goal is to provide you with a health-care service, giving you my full attention, expertise and knowledge to support you on your journey and to enhance your health and well-being.


What is psychomotricity?

How does the psychomotor therapist work?

Psychomotor Assessment

servicios terapeuticos

Therapeutic services

Specializing in prematurity, I offer early therapeutic attention to premature babies at a critical moment where medical needs take precedence….

The psychomotor assessment process consists of 3 stages: – Psychomotor assessment sessions – Results analysis – Feedback of the report…

I can either attend to newborns babies with mild regulation difficulties (…)or motor delays and infants…

I propose an individualized and respectful treatment tailored to each individual’s pace….

Psychomotricity can be offered at any stage of life, including adults and seniors…

Prevention and parenting support

Baby Massages

Awakening to the World through Senses and the Affection of Connection Come and enjoy a special moment with your baby and discover the numerous benefits of massage…

Ergonomic Babywearing

I invite you to enjoy a unique moment where you can discover how to carry your baby using a baby carrier and technique.. I propose a highly respectful approach…

Early stimulation

Conceived as a meeting space for parents and psychomotor development stimulation for babies. …

Yoga Kids

“”Cultivate your body and mind while having fun -> -> Through Yoga, learn to be well in your body and mind.”…

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