What is psychomotricity?

In France, a psychomotor therapist is a recognized healthcare professional by the Ministry of Health,
specialized in psychomotor development. They attend to the patient at every stage of their life. The goal is to harmonize psychocorporal balance and guide towards greater well-being. They address motor, sensory, emotional and psychic functions to help the individual gain greater awareness and mastery of their body for use as a means of expression and communication.

How does the psychomotor therapist work?

Their areas of intervention encompass prevention, therapy, education and rehabilitation at any stage of life (infants, children, adolescents, adults and seniors).

desarrollo psicomotriz
psicomotricidad niño

Psychomotor Assessment

Psychomotor assessment is based, in part, on various types of tests and rating scales. Clinical observation is also a fundamental part of the assessment process and helps place the patient in their context to have a more holistic view. Its primary sources are found in neuroscience (neuropsychology and neuropediatrics etc.).

This assessment enables the establishment of the patient’s psychomotor profile and the definition of a therapeutic treatment plan, highlighting psychomotor objectives according to their needs.
It assesses:

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