Prevention/parenting support

Baby Massages

Awakening to the World through Senses and the Affection of Connection
Come and enjoy a special moment with your baby and discover the numerous benefits of massage:

Massage is also indicated to relieve your baby in case of colic, sleep difficulties, or excessive irritability.

As a certified Massage Therapist and relaxation specialist, I offer baby massage workshops, incorporating it into psychomotor practice.


Ergonomic Babywearing

Ergonomic babywearing is increasingly recognized and acknowledged today. The variety of babywearing tools on the market is growing, but it’s not always easy to properly accommodate the baby and feel comfortable. I invite you to enjoy a unique moment where you can discover how to carry your baby using a baby carrier and technique. I propose a highly respectful approach, from a psychomotor perspective, to this natural encounter of “embracing a baby.” With over 11 years of experience and professional training, I can guide you and your baby on how to adapt. “Good babywearing helps your baby in their psychomotor development.”

Babywearing has emerged as a natural and respectful tool to help children regulate and develop in a secure environment.

Early stimulation

Conceived as a meeting space for parents and psychomotor development stimulation for babies. I offer parent/child workshops for playing and supporting your little one’s development, as well as for you to connect with other parents. It’s a space for respectful parenting where your baby can discover their body and explore motor and sensory skills. This workshop is a great opportunity to take your time and strengthen bonds with your little one by providing a space for socialization for both babies and parents.

Objectives include:

Yoga para niños
yoga grupo para niños

Yoga kids

“Cultivate your body and mind while having fun -> -> Through Yoga, learn to be well in your body and mind.”

Through a psychomotor perspective and as an expert in the psychomotor development of children, my philosophy is to help each person connect their body and mind to develop the art of feeling well. I propose using Yoga to accompany children in getting to know themselves better, with playful tools (through games, stories and music, breathing and relaxation) and continue to develop harmoniously.
Yoga brings powerful benefits for both the body and mind, providing children with resources to learn:

It is recommended for conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, asthma, attention deficit, hyperactivity.

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