Who am i?

Sophia Skalli

“My name is Sophia and I am a psychomotor therapist. Two of my passions are baby development and movement. With over 11 years of clinical experience in neonatal and pediatric units, private consultations and foster homes for babies, I have specialized in infants, including premature babies, but also work with children in their development through to adulthood. Another crucial aspect of my work is supporting parents in the parenting process.

I take a holistic view of the child and believe that involving their family in their development is crucial. I provide guidance to both children with simple developmental delays and those with complex pathologies. My work involves addressing all the influential aspects of their development, including sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional. For me, psychomotor care is about harmonizing the patient’s functioning based on their own bodily resources to lead them toward improved well-being.

I studied and graduated as a psychomotor therapist, a healthcare professional in 2012 in France (Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice Paris). In 2019, I obtained a double diploma as an Expert in Psychomotricity, along with an internationally-focused Master’s degree in Psychomotricity. To further enhance my qualifications, I also became a certified masseuse and received training in ergonomic babywearing in maternal and child health.

Sophia Skalli

“Never forget that a baby’s primary means of expression are through the body and movements. These means are part of a pre-verbal sensory communication, where the newborn is both a receiver and a protagonist as well as an observer. Here, a bodily dialogue filled with affection and, of course, meaning is established.”

Laurence Vaivre Douret

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