Soubiran Psychosomatic Relaxation:

Soubiran Psychosomatic Relaxation:

A body-based relaxation method, known as “psycho-corporal mediation.” Muscular tone changes based on our emotions; we can say that the body mirrors our internal emotional life. Through the body, we seek physical and psychic relaxation. This method is widely used with adults but also adapts well to children.
When to use relaxation:


Effects of relaxation on your body:

Muscular relaxation (reduces muscle tone and relaxes smooth and striated muscles)

Reduced reactivity of the excitability of the nervous system (neurophysiological changes in our sensory system); increases sensory perceptions and decreases disturbing stimuli.

Decreased respiratory and cardiac rate (promotes better oxygenation)

With regular practice and training, relaxation allows better emotional regulation and “nervous recovery”: after several sessions, you can lower your attention threshold (to the verge of sleep). This method enables experiencing tension and relaxation of the body. Relaxation improves the overall perception of the body and its limits, reinforcing the sense of security at both the physical and psychic levels.

How a relaxation session unfolds?

The goal of psychosomatic relaxation: it enables you to create your tools to be autonomous in your relaxation practice and use it in your daily life to relax more and better manage your body and emotions. It provides internal resources so that you can access them in your body at any time to find physical and internal calm when facing difficult moments (stress, sleep difficulties, pain…).


Relaxing Massage :

Involves kneading the body or “body language through hands.” It comprises manual techniques based on movements and pressures involving the skin and the superficial and deep layers of muscles. Massage, from the Arabic word “mass,” means “touch, feel.” These techniques have an effect on the soft tissues of the body (skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments). It can be offered occasionally or more frequently and its goal is to improve the overall well-being of the person.

“Massage” in many cultures is integrated and considered a routine part of bodily hygiene and well-being, a key element of a healthy life. When it is recommended:




The overall goal is well-being. It aims to recover energy through the stimulus given to the muscles to achieve a state of overall physical and psychic relaxation.

How a relaxing massage session is conducted :

It is a one-hour session, including the back of the body (feet, legs, back, arms) and face

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